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Vibrant, high-quality images for your business, created within a flexible studio environment in West London.

Welcome! I’m Liesel Böckl, a product and food photographer based in East Sheen, Richmond.

Imagine having 100 professionally created images at your fingertips; to use on your website or online store, upload onto social media or send to your distributors upon request? That’s exactly what my photoshoots offer. The result is a stunning library of images that are just right, ones that drive action and spark interest.

As a product and food photographer, I’m obsessed with quality. I also love to take a playful approach with my shoots to develop a signature look for my clients. Over the years, I have helped many food, fashion, lifestyle brands launch into market. It has now become my specialty and passion. There is nothing more exciting than being a part of a brand’s success and seeing first hand how my images have helped them grow.

I have a 10 year career as an art director so I can manage all aspects of the photoshoot from creative direction to retouching the images. I also work out of my studio in East Sheen, Richmond so there is no need to hire a location and your costs are kept to a minimum.

As the world becomes more digital and mobile, businesses really need to create content in a smart way to connect with their customers efficiently. Having a variety of strong visuals will make this task a lot easier.




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