Dean Fujioka and Peter Rabbit 150th Anniversary

In 2016, Cumbria celebrates the 150th anniversary of their beloved Peter Rabbit author Beautrix Potter. I spent 4 days in the lake district shooting stills along side Japanese film crew and presenter Dean Fujioka.

3月にビアトリクス ポター150年記念のため湖水地方へ行ってきました。8月に 渋谷のBunkamuraで予定されているピーターラビット展示会とテレビ番組のためで した。プレゼンターはピーターラビットオフィシャルサポーターでもある、『朝の テレビ小説』のディーン フジオカさん。4日間色々なロケーションで撮影をして、たくさんの人に会い、印象深いお話を聞かせてもらいました。8月の展示会をたの しみにしています!ポターさんは子供の絵本の他に色々な大切なものを残してくれま した。。。

Although she was most famous for her children’s books, Beautrix loved the countryside and farming. By the end of her life donated 15 farms to the National Trust and saved the Herdwick sheep from extinction.

Travelling around in a bus, we visited various historic to further understand the incredible life that Beatrix lead and all the contributions she left. We visited her Hill Top residence and I photographed parts of her house which appear in her books as well as farms with her beloved Herdwick sheep with breathtaking views. It was also my first time to experience filming with drone cameras and was very impressed with the results.

Television program to be aired in August and there will be an exhibition of Peter Rabbit artwork and photos in Shibuya’s Bunkamura Gallery. Coincidently I will be in Japan this summer so looking forward to seeing the exhibition and program to see all the pieces come together!