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Vibrant, high-quality images for your business, created within a flexible studio environment.

Working in the intimacy of her family home/studio in southwest London, Liesel Bockl produces endearing and charming images far removed from the stiff formality of a traditional photography studio. Her photographic subjects include still-life and lifestyle commissions as well as more documentary-style work shot outside the studio, for both private and commercial clients.

Liesel’s natural eye for an image has combined with her broad experience of visual design (including a 10-year career as an art director in advertising) to produce a signature style that is direct, aspirational and captivating. She works closely with clients while planning a shoot to understand their needs and has a range of props and locations at hand to create the desired atmosphere, whether for warm family-run business or a global campaign that captures the value of a brand.

Liesel speaks Japanese fluently and clients with international requirements value her rare ability to cross seamlessly between Japanese and English, contributing to all aspects of a shoot. She spends several weeks each year on photography projects in Japan.