Liesel Bockl - About Me


To understand me, you should know that I love the act of creation. I’m consumed by the intense magic of good composition, of capturing a different way of seeing the world, and creating images that are emotionally impactful.

My years as a graphic designer and advertising art director developed my eye. It taught me the secrets of using shape, colour and texture to communicate an idea and to create powerful images that don’t just move people emotionally but also move them to action.

The transition to photography was a natural progression for someone like myself who loves not only overseeing the entire creative process but also overcoming the challenges involved in capturing the perfect shot.

I own an independent studio now, but I still remember the lessons that I learned at Ogilvy and FCB. It’s here that I discovered how to take the tiniest flicker of an idea and nurse it into a fully-fledged creative vision capable of becoming a world-renowned advertising campaign

And I know that commercial photography never stands still. That’s why I’m driven to stay current with new techniques, technology, and trends in order to keep my work fresh.

Owning my own studio and being in control of the entire creative process from start to finish means I can give my clients the kind of intimacy and ease of access that they deserve, whilst still leveraging the commercial know-how and experience that can only be gained by having worked at one of the world’s largest advertising agencies.

I feel blessed that today I’m in a position to work only with those clients that are passionate about their business and care deeply about their customers.

From international businesses to small London startups, I give my clients the full benefit of my commercial experience and my abiding love for photography.

If you’re interested in a friendly, informal chat about how I can help your business grow, please click the link below.

Liesel Böckl – Product Photographer and Food Photographer based in Richmond London.

Liesel Böckl offers a wide range of commercial photography services. With extensive experience as a graphic designer, art director, and photographer, she has worked with clients in a wide range of industries and niches to provide commercial photography services including still-life product photography, e-commerce photography, food photography, menu photography, studio photography, food styling, and stop motion photography both from her personal photographic studio located in Richmond, West London or on location.