Molvina Wine – An Italian boutique vineyard.

We love working with Christian at 17Verde. Following our Aromistico Coffee shoot from 2017, we were so excited to work on another project with him. He has successfully launched several boutique food brands from his home country, Italy and knows exactly what he wants from a photo shoot. He also brought some amazing wines and Italian cheeses for us to sample after the shoot.

This time the shoot was even more special as Christian just finished designing the stunning bottle as well as packaging and it was the first time for him to see the product photographed professionally.

“The product is a rich and full body Italian wine. The brand’s essence is : ruby red, elegant, dark & rich, modern but with a history of strong traditions, very high-end luxury.”

Over 2 days we shot a large variety of branding and e-commerce imagery which would be used on the Molvina wine website and marketing. Catalogue shots, creative bottle shots, editorial shots as well as food and wine shots. We used almost every room in Sheen House Studios.

I was very pleased to see how the simple concrete wall in the studio complimented the modern but classic look for the bottle. And pleasantly surprised how the minimalistic black bottle looked great when shot on a black back ground with heavy shadows.

Lighting was a challenge but we managed to get some stunning results with 2 x £30 soft boxes and one bowens flash light. Also proof that you don’t need a massive state-of-the-art studio to create some sexy product shots. We created the shadows in the shots with card board boxes and some luck!

Super excited about these new images – nothing has been retouched yet. Looking forward to seeing them live and doing more shoots in the future.