Project Description

Creemi Foods

Creative Advertising Food Photography


To support the launch of Creemi Vegan Mayonaise, Creemi Foods needed a professional food photographer to capture food images of the various flavours of mayonnaise to use on social media and their website. The images needed drive home the concept that their vegan mayo was no less satisfying or tasty than the dairy option.


Working closely with Creemi Food’s food marketing team and a food stylist, we carefully planned out six dishes to capture popular ways to enjoy the mayonnaise.

Food styling was a crucial part of the shoot and we created several commercial food images: Double Stacked BLT, the Green Vegan Monster Burger and Spicy Cauliflower Tacos to show the many ways the product could be enjoyed. In one day we shot over 180 creative food images that will be used in food marketing.


Creemi Foods is changing minds by making plant-based products that are better than their non-vegan counterparts. A percentage of their profits go to support Retreat Animal Rescue which have saved up to 20,000 animals and have 1250 animals in their care.


  • Art Direction
  • Food Product Photography
  • Social Media Photography

Liesel Böckl – Product Photographer and Food Photographer based in Richmond London.

Liesel Böckl offers a wide range of commercial photography services. With extensive experience as a graphic designer, art director, and photographer, she has worked with clients in a wide range of industries and niches to provide commercial photography services including still-life product photography, e-commerce photography, food photography, menu photography, studio photography, food styling, and stop motion photography both from her personal photographic studio located in Richmond, West London or on location.