Mārīcī (मरीचि)

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Mārīcī (मरीचि) is a Sanskrit word, translating to “Ray of Light.  All Mārīcī products are made from Piñatex – a biodegradable fruit leather made from pineapple off-cuts taken from existing industries. Vegan friendly, Piñatex is created without using any additional land, water, pesticides, or fertiliser.

Production limited to 50 units per style/colour/interior by choice to keep our creations unique for our clients.


After the success of Drop One which was exclusively in partnership with London’s Selfridges, Mārīcī was ready to launch of Drop Two. They needed high quality handbag photography for their on-line store as well as for the launch.


Using my mobile studio, I created a small product photography set in the Mārīcī headquarters in South Kensignton. With the helpf of the marketing team and designer, I was able to shoot over 120 product images using two studio lights.

The challenge was capturing the colours and details accurately. I also needed to portray the product as a luxury product but also a sustainable brand.

Staying true to the Mārīcī  ethos of being close to nature and authentic femininity, not much photo editing was done to finish off the images before they were uploaded to the online store.

The image are now live on the Mārīcī  website.



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