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Art direction, set design, prop styling and photography were a few of my responsibilities for this product photography photo shoot I managed from my studio. Dempson Digital is part of Dempson Printing and create high-quality, bespoke printed paper bags and mailing envelopes.

The main aim of the shoot was to produce large website banner visuals for five different target sectors: museum, theatre, heritage, education and sport. The images would be used on the website as well as for email and marketing communications to the target specific markets.

We wanted to show the versatility of the product as well as the outstanding print and paper quality. The images also needed to be high-end, creative and inspirational.


After weeks of meetings, testing compositions, creating backgrounds and sourcing props, the photo shoot itself created over 50 images and was a success. We created several large group shots using the bags and related props which will be used as banners on the Dempson Digital website. We also shot smaller group shots and single shots for marketing and social media uses. The images were also turned into animated gifs.


• Art Direction
• Set Design
• Prop Styling
• Creative Product Photography
• Photo Editing

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