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Welcome to a world of professional drink product and cocktail photography, where creativity meets innovation.

As your dedicated food & drinks photographer, specialising in cocktail photography and beverage photography, I had the privilege of crafting captivating visual content for the premium drinks brand, Swish Cocktails.

Collaborating closely with the client, our shoot team comprised a professional drinks stylist, a skilled props stylist, a shoot assistant, resulting in the creation of over 70 images and moving images during the three-day shoot.

The photo shoot aimed to showcase the launch of Swish Cocktails’ premium ready-to-drink cocktail range, featuring both non-alcoholic and alcoholic options. The launch was scheduled in November, so Christmas drinks images with signature Christmas cocktails were also shot

With 6 distinct flavours, SWISH proudly presents bar-quality premixed cocktails, setting the stage for a premium drinking experience. The objective of this shoot was to deliver high-quality branding photography.

The resulting images are not only destined for the website but will also grace social media profiles, feeds, press releases, print, and various marketing communications.

Executing a vision that aligns with the brand’s values, the challenge encompassed working with 12 different products, harmonising them to evoke a specific mood. The brand’s signature colours – gold, black, and white – were seamlessly integrated into the visual narrative.

My responsibilities included project management, art direction, campaign photography, mood boarding, set design, styling coordination, and providing Sheen House Studios as the location.

In the words of Swish Cocktails, “I was blown away by Liesel’s technical skills and creativity. But most importantly, I was so grateful for her commitment, drive, and dedication to the project, in challenging circumstances and very tight timescales. Liesel was a pleasure to work with, and I know that the wider team of stylists felt the same. Thank you, Liesel. I can’t wait to see the final edited shots. I just know they are going to be beautiful – on brand, creative, unique, special.”


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