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Colour Consultant Jane Dyson created huh!handbags in 2019, directing her passion for helping her clients find their ‘wow’ colours and clothing personalities. She needed some stand-out product and branding photography for the launch of her brand and website.

Offering a huge selection of styles and colours, huh!handbags website went live after just two months of planning. It ranked in the top 10 best Spotify stores in December 2019.


To stand out from her competition, the photography for huh! had to be memorable and amazing. We wanted to create a playful yet classy brand, so we chose a sculptural approach where the bags looked larger than life and showed off all the details of the different pieces. Careful coordination of the ‘wow’ colours was essential too.

I worked very closely with Jane to create an incredibly distinctive look for huh!, and later worked with the web designer and the digital marketing team to roll out a highly successful brand launch.

“It was important to us that the photography reflected the huh!Bags company’s values of fun, vibrancy and colour. Liesel captured our wishes with her innovative angle shots and her ingenious colour combinations to create images for our website that ensured, from the launch of our website, we had a brand that meant business.”

Jane Dyson, Owner, huh!handbags


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