Project Description

Alice Fawke

Model and Fashion Photography


London fashion designer Alice Fawke launched a new clothing collection with a focus on quality and sustainability. Her garments are designed for women with fuller busts and aim to help women feel empowered, chic and comfortable.


A year after launching her first online store from West London, Alice needed additional on-model photography to promote her new collection on her product pages of her website. She wanted the new model photography to match the existing images which were shot by a fashion photographer in a high-end London studio. The summer and winter collections would be displayed together on a web page and needed to have the same look and feel.


In my studio in Richmond, we shot over 50 high quality fashion photos with a model and HMU in a one day model shoot. We created a similar set to her initial photo shoot with two grey backgrounds, a few props and artificial lighting set up with two studio lights in the product studio. The photography studio set up was simple but aimed to capture the details and quality of fabric to create a high-end fashion look and feel.

The quality of the model shots were paramount, so the colours were adjusted slightly in photo editing and some of the creases were removed by a retoucher.

“Great photos set against the brief. Liesel worked tirelessly all day. Offered a really good rate to produce lovely images. Thank you.”
Alice Fawke – owner and designer


  • Fashion Photography
  • Model Photography
  • Street Photography

Liesel Böckl – Product Photographer and Food Photographer based in Richmond London.

Liesel Böckl offers a wide range of commercial photography services. With extensive experience as a graphic designer, art director, and photographer, she has worked with clients in a wide range of industries and niches to provide commercial photography services including still-life product photography, e-commerce photography, food photography, menu photography, studio photography, food styling, and stop motion photography both from her personal photographic studio located in Richmond, West London or on location.