Aromistico Coffee

Social Media Product Photography


Since its launch in 2014, Aromisico has been incredibly active on various social media platforms, with over 14,000 Instagram followers. They have successfully used social media as a powerful tool to build their brand and online presence. In 2020, they wanted to update their look to something more sophisticated and modern. They also wanted a unique way to promote the arrival of new coffee blends and products, including capsules.


The solution was to produce new product photos using an original formula. The coffee market was extremely saturated with warm and woody imagery, so we needed something that would stand out from the over-saturated market of coffee photography.

The result was to use a “Colour Pop” theme, where each blend was photographed with its own unique colour, as well as taste elements such as blackberries, honey or fudge, on a marble background. The outcome was a very elegant but exciting new collection of product photos, which were more contemporary compared to the previous, more rustic images that had been used at the launch. The flavours and blend personalities were instantly communicated and were also visually very impactful as part of an ongoing social media campaign.



  • Social Media Photography
  • Stop-Motion Animation
  • E-commerce Photography
  • Website Product Photography
  • Lifestyle Product Photography
  • Food Styling
  • Photo Editing

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