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Sustainable Gift Shop Photography

As a dedicated Product Photographer, and I had the privilege of collaborating with The Kew Shop, known for luxury sustainable gifts inspired by plants. Here’s a glimpse into our creative collaboration and the striking product imagery we crafted.

The Objective:

Due to an increase in onsite visitors and popularity of eco-friendly products, The Kew Shop needed a visual upgrade for their spring and summer gifting offerings. To meet this demand, they required top-tier Professional Product Photography, Ecommerce Product Photography, and Creative Product Photography to enhance their branding, online marketing and elevate the overall aesthetic of their website.

Our Approach:

The photo shoots kicked off with brainstorming sessions and product selection. Mood boards and product styling played important roles in the pre-shoot process, ensuring a cohesive visual narrative that aligned seamlessly with The Kew Shop’s brand identity.

Studio lighting was employed to ensure clarity and vibrancy in showcasing a diverse array of products, including the Kew and Transport For London Range, Marianne North Range, Kew Food, Sustainable Packaging, Future is Botanic ranges, and special editions like Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, The Japan Range, and The Rose Range.

The Locations:

Our photo shoots look place in various onsite locations, each adding a distinctive backdrop to complement the products. From the iconic Palm House to the Princess of Wales Conservatory and The Japan House, each setting contributed to creating visually compelling and contextually relevant images.

The resulting images were strategically designed to serve as impactful home page banners, newsletter headers, and eye-catching visuals for social media advertising.

The Impact:

Every purchase made at The Kew Shop, be it in-store or online, directly contributes to supporting valuable research and conservation work at Kew.


  • Professional Product Photography
  • Product Styling, Set Building

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