The first interaction customers have with your product is through your images. After just a single glance, they form an impression about your company and products that will persist long after the image itself is forgotten. In the blink of an eye, with a single image, you’ve either made or lost a customer.

I’m Liesel Böckl. I have a broad experience of visual design developed during my 10-year career as an art director at advertising powerhouses Ogilvy and FCB. I know the secrets of crafting stunning images that grab attention, spark interest and drive people to buy. Effective product photography isn’t just a question of creative, eye-grabbing effects. It gets them to fall in love with your product and makes them hit the buy button.

Fresh photography with a strong commercial message

Fresh photography with a strong commercial message

Creating images that elevate your brand

As an independent photographer, I take personal control of the entire shoot from start to finish – everything from research to editing the final photos. And the fact that I have extensive experience as an art director means there is a single creative voice.

One location, multiple possibilities

Sheen House is an ideal space to create a variety of still-life product images and includes a still-life studio, kitchen studio and outdoor lifestyle space. It’s stocked with many props and backgrounds, so costs are kept to a minimum. A product photography package can include high-spec product shots, creative branding shots, playful social ­­­media shots and animated images.

Professional images for every occasion

From digital marketing to social media, a single photoshoot will produce a bespoke library of visual assets that can be used immediately across all your marketing channels. My industry expertise ensures that each image is delivered at the highest level of creativity and quality.

Companies and publications I have worked with

Accessible. Personal. Professional.

How it works

Taking a great product photograph is a creative and collaborative process that starts weeks before the actual photo shoot. I produce work for all types of clients – from sustainable brands to fragrance stores and e-commerce retailers. Whether you’re a large multinational or a start-up, my process is the same.

My process


I begin by talking to you about your business. Once I understand your objectives and how you intend to use the images, I’m in a better position to create shots that are visually powerful and in line with your commercial goals. This initial consultation also gives me an opportunity to answer your questions, ease your concerns and guide you through every step of the process.


After understanding your needs and explaining how I can help, I ask you to complete my online booking form. This allows me to capture all the details I need to get started.

Shoot Brief

Once a job is booked, I spend some time researching your business and experimenting with some test shots. I then put my ideas together in a creative brief, which outlines the type of shots and photographic approach that are best suited to your product.

Once we agree on the creative vision and signature style for your product, I construct sets, prepare props and selects backgrounds in preparation for the shoot. I then share with you a final copy of the shoot brief and shot list.

The Shoot

The shoot takes place either at my private studio in Richmond or on location at your own premises, using my mobile studio. As well as capturing the images, I can style the food myself or arrange for a stylist to come in and provide this service – but this would need to be agreed in advance.


During a full-day session, I usually take around 400 different photographs. From these, I ask you to select 50 shots, which I will then retouch.


The basic retouching process takes five working days. On completion, you will receive around 80 images in total. 50 of these are high-resolution shots ready for print, website or advertising – with an additional 30 images that are optimised for social media.


All of your final images are delivered online via WeTransfer or in person via a USB stick.

Do you have a project in mind? Let’s talk!

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Liesel Böckl – Product Photographer and Food Photographer based in Richmond London.

Liesel Böckl offers a wide range of commercial photography services. With extensive experience as a graphic designer, art director, and photographer, she has worked with clients in a wide range of industries and niches to provide commercial photography services including still-life product photography, e-commerce photography, food photography, menu photography, studio photography, food styling, and stop motion photography both from her personal photographic studio located in Richmond, West London or on location.